What We Do

Spero Rehab offers a full range of progressive Neurological, Orthopaedic, and Aquatic Therapy services. Our commitment to be the best is founded on our three core values; developing a holistic treatment plan, building a personal relationship, and maintaining the highest level of advanced modern knowledge.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Spero Rehab has a strong orthopaedic rehab program that is geared towards the active population. Our therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy who are board certified in orthopaedics and sports, residency and fellowship trained, manual therapy certified, and dry-needling certified. Our team specializes in rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries related to the spine, upper extremities and lower extremities. We also specialize in TMJ, headaches, concussion/vestibular rehab, and pre/post-partum care. Our tailored approach utilizes strengthening exercises, joint and neural mobilizations, soft tissue manipulation, dry needling, and blood-flow restriction.


Neurological Rehabilitation


Spero Rehab’s nationally recognized therapists are specially trained in the latest neurologically advanced treatment approaches. We focus on the theory of neuroplasticity utilizing research-based treatment techniques and we house some of the best and most advanced rehab equipment on the market. Utilizing equipment such as our Hydroworx therapy pool, the LOKOMAT exoskeleton, the ARMEO robotic upper extremity, virtual reality, and functional electrical stimulation. Our therapists remain on the cutting edge of rehab and are participating in the worldwide advances of research in the neurological world of rehab.

Return To Sport and Performance Rehabilitation

Return to sport and performance rehab bridges the gap between the clinic and the sporting environment. Often times clients are discharged when simple goals are met leaving some unsure of how to engage in high level exercise. At Spero Rehab, our therapists have a deep knowledge of strength and conditioning allowing them to take an individual to the next level. Our state of the art facilities are some of the best in the country providing the means to transition an individual who is beyond the early phases of rehab into high-level performance training. This phase of rehab is paramount to ensure the individual is prepared to put their body back into the rigors of sport.

sport performance

Aquatic Therapy

aquatic therapy

Aquatic therapy is performed in a specialized heated pool where the physical properties of water including buoyancy, viscosity, hydrostatic pressure, and temperature promote healing and increased exercise performance. In this low impact, calming, and supported environment, aquatic therapy increases joint flexibility and range of motion; improves cardiovascular stamina and balance; increases muscle strength; decreases pain; and improves sleep patterns. With our advanced Hydroworx therapy pool we are equipped with resistance jets, underwater cameras, an underwater treadmill, and an adjustable floor height to ensure that your aquatic therapy treatment is customized to you and your rehab goals.

Women’s Health

Our women’s health program is run by specially trained therapists who have undergone specific and intensive training to treat conditions that women experience through their lifecycle. Conditions such as urinary incontinence, pelvic care, prenatal and postpartum pain, and lymphedema to name a few. This is a program that was designed by women for women to meet the unique needs of the human body.

orthopaedic rehabilitation

Other Services

Neurac Treatment via RedCord
Wellness Program
Personal Training

Aquatic Classes
Community Workshops
Custom Seating and Positioning

Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training
Virtual Reality
Neu-Fit Electrical Stimulation