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Opened in 2018, Spero Rehab Central Austin has rapidly become a leader in outpatient neurological rehabilitation across Texas. Recognized for its commitment to innovative therapies, our Central Austin clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology, including the Lokomat robot-assisted gait training device, various functional electrical stimulation (FES) units, and the ArmeoSpring arm and hand rehabilitation exoskeleton.

In addition to neurological rehab, Central Austin clinicians also provide traditional physical therapy and orthopedic care using hands-on manual therapy, dry needling techniques, and prescriptive exercises.

Patient Reviews of Our Central Austin, TX Clinic

Check out how we’ve helped your neighbors in Central Austin, TX restore their quality of life by reading our customer reviews!

Doris J Marsh
Doris J Marsh
Have had excellent care. Staff is super nice and know what they are doing
Ranford East
Ranford East
So far my therapy has been going well, thank you Julia. I completed my PT and am completely satisfied. The staff was very nice. It’s like a big happy family at Spero Rehab. My therapist, Julia, was very helpful and enjoyable to work with. Interns that worked with me were also enjoyable to work with. Kaylee is the only name I can remember, sorry I can’t remember the other names. Kind Regards
Sharon Trumps
Sharon Trumps
I bring my husband here for Physical Therapy and he loves it. Everyone is always pleasant and helpful!
Mercedes Mancera
Mercedes Mancera
Excelente equipo humano, gran profesionalismo y amabilidad. Mercia you rock!
Sam Jacob
Sam Jacob
Excellent facility, very caring staff, highly recommend.
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera
Staff is great! The facility is great! My PT is outstanding; I would recommend this location and my PT to anyone in need.
I like the personalized care that i received at the clinic!
Renee Briscoe
Renee Briscoe
Spero is very good and I am doing well going to it!!
Abigail Butler
Abigail Butler
I started shadowing at Spero about a month ago and I have really enjoyed my time here! All of the staff is very nice and everyone really cares about all the patients!

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Rehabilitation Services in Central Austin

Physical & Occupational Therapy: Tailored to each individual’s needs, these therapies aim to restore and enhance functional abilities through a variety of techniques, including task-specific exercises and activities that improve daily living skills.

Lokomat Gait Training: This cutting-edge robotic system supports the body and automates walking movements to help rebuild neural pathways and muscle memory in patients with gait impairments.

Functional E-Stim: Our advanced electrical stimulation devices are employed to activate nerves and muscles, leading to faster recovery and functionality in affected limbs. These devices also aid patients with neurological impairments to regain control and strength.

Bowel and Bladder Management: Our specialized attention to these critical areas of health provide patients with strategies and treatments that promote independence and improve quality of life.

Adaptive Sports Outings: With our organized sport outings, we help individuals with various disabilities adapt. Not only does this encourage physical fitness and social interaction, we also cater these outings to their specific rehabilitation needs.

Wheelchair Assessments: We provide custom evaluations to ensure optimal fit and functionality for wheelchair users, enhancing their mobility and overall comfort.

Parkinson’s LSVT BIG / PWR! Programs: These specialized treatments focus on large amplitude, high-intensity movements to counteract the movement impairments caused by Parkinson’s disease.

Personal Training: Our fitness plans help individuals of every level sustain their  long-term wellness and fitness.

Central Austin, TX Rehab Amenities and Features

Spero Rehab Central Austin is dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatments in a supportive and dynamic environment. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in neurological rehabilitation, integrating sophisticated technology with holistic, patient-centered care.

Our facility not only fosters recovery but also promotes independence and quality of life through innovative rehabilitation techniques and compassionate care. Here are just a few unique amenities found at Spero Rehab Central Austin:

Large Rehab Gym

Our facility includes a vast space equipped with modern rehab technology, offering a versatile environment for therapy sessions and recovery activities.

Accessible Community Gym

Fully accessible gym setup to accommodate patients of all abilities, promoting inclusivity and ease of access.

Adapted Exercise Equipment

Specifically designed tools and machines that accommodate various disabilities, ensuring safe and effective workouts tailored to each patient’s goals.

Body Weight Treadmill

Supportive treadmills minimize weight on the lower body during rehabilitation, allowing patients to relearn walking and improve their gait in a controlled manner.

group of people exercising

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